YO-395, Uwabaramachi, Ymanakaonsen , Kaga city, Ishikawa , Japan
Established 1930年
C.E.O Hata Manabu

1930 : The first Unomatsu started his own business as a lacquer craftsman.

1963 :

He founded Hatashikkiten as a merchant handling all types of lacquerware.

1966 :

The head office relocated to the present address.
1986 : The business legal structure was changed to a limited company.
1999 : The development of “Unomatudo” brand products was started.
2002 : The Shell Bowl Series were accepted for the Japan Crafts Exhibition.
2003 : The Shell Bowl Series wan the grand prize and the Tokyo Governor's Award at the Tableware Festival.
2004 : The Shell Bowl Series received the Good Design Award.
2009 : The Hikiwari Cutlery Series was recognized as Ishikawa Brand products.
2012 : The development of “col.” brand products was started.